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2017 North America Eclipse Tour Bookings have now closed.
13 Day Solar Eclipse and Icons of the USA (10th - 22nd August 2017) Tour Itinerary

Join Melissa Hulbert on a journey through the USA visiting some of the most inspiring and iconic places in North America. Visit the Griffith Observatory and Mount Wilson in Los Angeles, California, the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida, just to name a few of the incredible destinations. But the highlight of this trip will be Portland, Oregon, where we will witness one of the most humbling and awe inspiring events in our solar system.

But please don't think this journey is all about astronomy. There's plenty of time built in for your own exploring.

For more information about this tour, and for information on how to book, please download the Tour Itinerary or email us here at SpaceTime Travellers on tours@spacetimetravellers.com.au.

Lowell Observatory
Pluto Discovery Telescope
Lowell Observatory
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Meteor (Barringer) Crater
Meteor (Barringer) Crater, Arizona, USA

About Your Guide

Melissa HulbertMelissa has been interested in astronomy since she was a child which led to her completing a BSc. (Hons) in Physics. Her main interests have always been comets and eclipses and after witnessing her first total solar eclipse in South Australia in 2002 she has been hooked on solar eclipses.

Svalbard 2015 Melissa has successfully led three total solar eclipse tours all over the world and has been to 7 totalities, witnessing them all and loves sharing the wonder and awe of this amazing natural phenomenon. She is a keen astrophotographer and has imaged all 7 eclipses with great success.

Melissa works at Sydney Observatory and is also a casual instructor with Swinburne University’s Online Astronomy Course. She has also worked in print media and in 2000 she was part of the ‘Science in the Pub’ team that won an Australian Eureka Award for Science Promotion.

When time allows, Melissa likes nothing better than spending time imaging the wonders of a clear, dark night sky with a few friends.

Total Solar Eclipse
Svalbard 20 March 2015

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